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Warsaw, Poland







A two storey apartment in a four storey tenement in Warsaw’s trendy Mokotów district, was redesigned for a family of six, who wanted to reconsider life in the city in the context of their exceptional site.

The unique sloped and densely wooded site meant that the apartment was actually situated among the crowns of a wide variety of trees, namely blossoming acacias. This unique condition provided a much desired connection to the outdoors while allowing for privacy and intimacy in what is otherwise a dense urban setting.

The novel urban condition created an impetus to completely reconsider what was an ill-functioning interior space. Therefore, it was decided to gut the entire apartment and start from scratch.

Planning wise, the kitchen, fireplace, and staircase where moved from their original locations to new parts of the apartment to create the conditions needed to connect to the richly treed surroundings. Architecturally, new large and expansive glazing was introduced throughout the apartment to create a visual connection to the outdoors.

This approach to connectivity was continued in the interior social spaces. Hence, a previously enclosed library on the second floor was reconsidered as an open, airy, mezzanine, providing a sense of volume to the ground floor while creating a visually connection between both floors.

To mitigate acoustic concerns the ceiling was lined with wood battens, resulting in a very calm interior both acoustically and visually with its connection to the surrounding treetops. Giving a much needed sense of serenity for the bustling household.

This desire for serenity was continued in the main bath, where an altar for bathing was conceived as the focal point for the family’s daily sanitary rituals. The tub centered in the large expansive bay window allows the family much needed moments of submerged contemplation in the nearly impenetrable wooded surroundings.

The remaining private spaces of the apartment were designed to appeal to the occupants tastes and the whimsy of the owners, note the water closet with the pelican wallpaper.

Lukasz Kos
Edyta Krawczyk

Celestyna Król

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