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Marbella, Málaga, Spain


Dom 3






Master Plan - 12,000sm
Villas x46 - 8.400sm
Townhouses x24 - 4,650sm
Apartments x32 - 5,820sm

In the heart of Marbella, Málaga, Spain, a vision emerges of a residential development that is a testament to the harmonious interconnectivity between architectural solutions and urban design. The DOM3 International Housing Competition presented an opportunity to transform a topographically rich seaside site into a space that resonates with design, functionality, and respect for nature.

Tierra Nueva, spanning an impressive 40,672sm, stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance and interior design finesse. Positioned amidst natural plateaus that offer panoramic views of the picturesque coast, the challenge was to ensure that the development not only enhanced the beauty of the site but also preserved its natural essence.

The approach was meticulous and thoughtful. Recognizing the richness of the land's topography, the design retained the natural landforms, ensuring that the development seamlessly integrated with its surroundings. New site access was crafted, not as an intrusion but as a continuation of existing pathways. The choice of semi-pervious paving for vehicular access was deliberate, ensuring water absorption and minimizing environmental impact.

Pedestrian and cycling paths were introduced, connecting the three individual plots. These paths were more than mere thoroughfares; they were avenues for community interaction, spaces where residents could connect, converse, and build bonds. It was a design choice that emphasized the importance of community, of shared experiences, and of creating spaces that fostered connections.

The housing typologies introduced into the site were a masterclass in architectural solutions. Three distinct types emerged: apartments, townhouse villas, and duplex villas. Yet, these were not mere structures; they were spaces where the principles of interior design came to the fore. Each typology was developed using combinations of modular volumes, each representing a distinct function of a residence - living, eating, sleeping, and socializing.

These modular volumes were not merely placed; they were artfully stacked and staggered. The result was a language of terraced volumes that responded adeptly to the site's condition. It was a dance between form and function, between design and topography. The terraced design ensured that each residence offered panoramic views, that each space was bathed in natural light, and that the interiors resonated with a sense of space, luxury, and elegance.

In essence, the DOM3 International Housing Competition's Tierra Nueva project was more than a residential development. It was a celebration of interior design and architectural solutions, a space that honored its natural surroundings while offering residences that were the epitome of design, functionality, and luxury.

Andrei Zerebecky
Lukasz Kos
Laura Gonzalez Cabrer
Mattia Barilani
Edyta Krawczyk

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