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THE GRAND w/ Frank Gehry


Los Angeles, USA


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Frank Gehry Partners LLp.


Upper Market Mixed-Use Development
Luxury Residential
Hotel, Conference Center & Spa

In the pulsating heart of Los Angeles, where the city's rhythm meets the whispers of its storied past, emerges "The Grand". This monumental endeavour, while working as an architect with the visionary Frank Gehry, stands as a testament to the transformative power of architectural solutions and the intimate allure of interior design.

Los Angeles, a city of dreams, has always been at the forefront of architectural innovation. Yet, with The Grand, it dared to dream bigger, bolder. Nestled just a stone's throw away from the iconic Disney Concert Hall, this project is not merely a structure; it's an ode to the city's spirit. It's where the past's grandeur meets the future's vision, where every brick, every pane of glass, tells a story.

The Grand's vast expanse, spanning a staggering 1,200,000 square meters, is not just about size but about the scope of its ambition. As an architect, working alongside the legendary Frank Gehry, I was presented with a canvas that was both challenging and inspiring. The mandate was clear yet complex: to craft a space that was sustainable, inclusive, and emblematic of the city's ethos.

Downtown Los Angeles, with its vibrant tapestry of life, has areas like skid row that often remind us of the city's contrasts. Yet, it was here, in the midst of this juxtaposition, that The Grand was envisioned. It wasn't just about creating a mixed-use architecture marvel; it was about redefining urban living. It was about creating spaces that resonate with every individual, from the artist to the entrepreneur, from the dreamer to the doer.

The project's interior design philosophy was rooted in creating spaces that evoke emotion, that tell a story. Spaces where every corner, every shadow, every play of light, speaks of meticulous design and an understanding of human desires. The luxury residential units are not just homes; they're sanctuaries in the sky. The hotel, with its conference center and spa, is not just about hospitality; it's about experiences that linger.

Yet, The Grand's vision went beyond the conventional. In the realm of commercial architecture, it sought to be a beacon of inclusivity. The inclusion of a grocery store was not just a commercial decision but a nod to sustainable urban living. It was about ensuring that the community had everything within reach, promoting a lifestyle that was both urban and sustainable. Furthermore, the incorporation of low-income housing was a testament to the project's commitment to inclusivity. It was about ensuring that The Grand was not just an architectural marvel but a community where everyone belonged.

In the world of retail design, The Grand stands as a paradigm of elegance and functionality. Every store, every boutique, is a journey into a world of luxury, yet rooted in the ethos of Los Angeles.

As we step back and gaze upon this edifice, it's not just about the bricks and mortar. It's about the lives it will touch, the communities it will nurture, and the future it envisions. The Grand is not just a project; it's a promise. A promise of a better tomorrow, of a Los Angeles that's inclusive, sustainable, and ever-evolving.

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