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Beijing, China


Gilles Bihi-Zenou & Yan Kun





Mercedes Benz Beijing City Guide
Dezeen | London
Cafe Plus | Images Publishers, Australia
Interiors | Seoul
KNSTRCT | New York
Inhabitat | San Francisco
Architectural Digest | Beijing

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards Finalist | London
A&D Trophy Awards | Hong Kong

Nestled in the heart of Beijing, China, LIDO PARK emerges as a beacon of architectural brilliance and interior design prowess. Spanning a generous 1,050sm, this project stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of interior design and architectural solutions, offering spaces that resonate with elegance, functionality, and a deep understanding of their purpose.

The challenge presented was multifaceted. An existing greenhouse and a dilapidated concrete structure, enclosing what was once an abandoned open space, beckoned transformation. This concrete edifice, spanning two floors, held within its confines stories of the past and dreams of the future. Below, a private underground parking garage awaited its patrons, offering elevator access straight to the top floor, a nod to the VIPs who would grace the space.

Atop this structure, the vision was clear: the Kun Whiskey and Cigar Bar, an exclusive members-only club, would offer an oasis of luxury, a space where evening and late night converged in a dance of elegance. The ground floor, in contrast, would be home to Florentina, an Italian casual fine-dining restaurant that would pay homage to the rich flavors of Florentine cuisine. The greenhouse, with its promise of light and space, was envisioned as Cafe 27, an all-day cafe that would delight patrons with its organic Japanese pastries. And the open space? It would be transformed into a lush outdoor dining haven, serving both Florentina and Cafe 27, offering diners an experience that was both intimate and expansive.

The architectural concept was rooted in the essence of time. With each restaurant catering to a distinct time of day, the design played off this rhythm. Cafe 27, with its morning allure, was enveloped in an exterior ash wood trellis, capturing the first rays of the sun. Florentina, catering to the mid-day and evening crowd, was adorned in darker walnut wood panels, reflecting the transition from day to night. Kun, the evening and late-night sanctuary, was cloaked in jet black plaster, echoing the mysteries of the night.

This gradient in tones was more than aesthetic; it was symbolic. It offered each locale its distinct identity, yet ensured a harmonious architectural consistency throughout. The outdoor dining space, with its sculpted hedges surrounding each table, provided banquet-like enclaves, offering private dining experiences in the heart of nature.

LIDO PARK is more than a project; it's a celebration of restaurant design, bar design, and cafe design. It's a space where dining, whether casual fine dining or fine dining, becomes an experience. It's an award-winning testament to the power of design, having been recognized at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London and the A&D Trophy Awards in Hong Kong. And its brilliance has been showcased in renowned publications, from the Mercedes Benz Beijing City Guide to Architectural Digest in Beijing.

In essence, LIDO PARK is a symphony of interior design and architectural solutions, a space that honours its legacy while looking to the future, and a testament to the delicate balance between form, function, and artistry.

Lukasz Kos
Andrei Zerebecky
Emma Maxwell

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