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Warsaw, Poland


NWS-MCB Adwokaci





In the heart of Warsaw, where the echoes of history reverberate through cobbled streets and ancient edifices, lies a sanctuary of calm, warmth, and sophistication - the NWS-MCB Adwokaci family law offices. With a footprint of 800 square meters, this space, conceptualized in 2017, is not just an office but a haven where the tumultuous emotions associated with family law are met with an ambiance of serenity and professionalism.

Privacy, a cornerstone of family law, was the guiding principle in the spatial layout. The design boasts private consultation rooms, ensuring confidential discussions remain so. The legal assistants, the unsung heroes of the legal world, find their workspace in a repurposed "pit", an erstwhile storage area now transformed into a bustling hub of activity. Even the reception area, often a bustling nexus, has been thoughtfully designed with separate private waiting rooms, ensuring clients can await their appointments in solitude if they so desire.

The furniture, a blend of functionality and comfort, is tailored for the long, sometimes arduous, meetings that are par for the course in family law. Clients are ensconced in plush bucket chairs, offering solace during taxing legal counsel. The art adorning the walls is a nod to the office's storied surroundings, with pieces reflecting the charm of old-town Warsaw. A standout feature in the design is the framing of the majestic Royal Castle, leveraging the office's vantage point to infuse a sense of grandeur into the space.

Harnessing the ethereal quality of northern light, the office is bathed in a soft, diffused glow. The expansive windows not only usher in tranquility but also amplify the sense of space, making the office feel more expansive and open. Acoustic considerations, often overlooked, were front and center in this design. Wood baffles, sustainably sourced, adorn the reception, acting as both aesthetic elements and barriers to noise, ensuring the sanctity of privacy is maintained.

While the office is replete with modern amenities, there's a conscious effort to make it feel less sterile and more homely. This is evident in the legal library, where a ladder, reminiscent of old-world charm, allows for easy access to volumes stored even at great heights. The client's vision of a space that feels more like a home than an office has been realized with aplomb. The design exudes warmth, yet there's an undercurrent of sophistication, making clients feel both at ease and in the presence of consummate professionals.

The office's prime location, nestled in Warsaw's old town, offers unparalleled views of the Royal Castle. This not only elevates the office's aesthetic appeal but also serves as a constant reminder of the city's rich history and the firm's place within that tapestry.

In essence, the NWS-MCB Adwokaci family law offices are a masterclass in office design. They showcase how commercial interiors can be both functional and comforting, professional yet warm, modern while paying homage to history.

Lukasz Kos
Edyta Krawczyk​

Tom Kurek

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