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Edmonton, Canada


Municipality of Edmonton , Canada​





MJM Architects, Toronto​

Senior Design Architect

New ​Swimming Pool
New Gymnasium
New Fitness Rooms
New Interior Sports Field

In Edmonton, where the urban pulse meets the vast Canadian expanse, the Commonwealth Athletic Center emerges as a refined intersection of interior design and architectural solutions. This isn't merely a structure; it's a thoughtful response to the city's evolving needs, a nod to its sporting legacy, and a forward-looking vision of community engagement.

The collaboration between the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club birthed this ambitious project. Their shared vision was clear: to augment the iconic Commonwealth Stadium with a multi-use recreation complex that would serve both sporting and community needs. As the Senior Design Architect, working in tandem with MJM Architects in Toronto, I was entrusted with the task of bringing this vision to life.

Spanning 18,000 square meters, the space was to be more than just a series of rooms and halls. It was to house a modern swimming pool, a gymnasium equipped for various sports, dedicated fitness rooms, and an expansive interior sports field. But beyond its physical attributes, the center was to embody a philosophy – one of community, engagement, and wellness.

The design ethos was rooted in creating a vibrant hub for the neighborhood. The Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre was conceptualized not just as a building but as a catalyst – a space that would breathe new life into the Commonwealth Stadium campus. This rejuvenation was not just about aesthetics; it was about creating meaningful connections, fostering community interactions, and offering diverse sporting avenues.

Master planning for the entire site was a delicate balance. The iconic stadium and the adjacent Clark Field had to be seamlessly integrated with new additions. This integration was achieved through the careful placement of public squares, walkways, and park landscaping, ensuring that each element, old or new, felt part of a cohesive whole.

A defining feature of this project was the creation of an urban space, a nexus that connected the various elements of the site. This space, thoughtfully designed, became a central point, harmonizing with the existing neighborhood fabric and the LRT transit system. The result was a seamless blend of history, modern design, and functionality.

The Commonwealth Athletic Center stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design. It showcases how, with a clear vision and a commitment to excellence, spaces can be transformed to serve the community in diverse ways, all while maintaining a strong design identity.

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