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Shanghai, China







Winner | Best of Year 2018
Interior Design Magazine | New York
Nominated for best residential interior 2018

Interior Design Magazine - New York 2019
Architectural Record - New York 2019
Object Magazine - Amsterdam 2019
Elle Decor | Russia

The Cloud Villa, set in a bustling suburb of Shanghai, is an embodiment of a dream, a space where the ethereal meets the tangible. It is not merely a home but a romantic interpretation of residential interior design, where light gracefully dances with line, crafting an oasis of serenity amidst the surrounding urban cacophony. This is not just an interior architecture; it's a meditation, a moment of reflection, capturing the very essence of distilled architectural solutions in its most unadulterated form.

The villa's central feature, an abstract cloud-like staircase, is a celebration of fluid movement through space. It stands as a testament to the harmonious balance of form and material reality, a sculptural masterpiece that divides the main entry from the expansive living space. This staircase, with its optimistic reinforcement of domesticity, evokes a sense of unencumbered, weightless living, a stark contrast to the restrictive bulk of chaotic urban sprawl just outside its walls.

The interior design journey of the Cloud Villa began with a challenge: to transform the interior architecture of a three-story villa, originally built in a highly ornamented pseudo-Rococo style to a visually and formally distilled serene contemplative holistic space. The result was a 30-foot-high vaulted central salon, seamlessly connecting the house’s two wings. This Venetian-plastered vault, with its double curvature, is a spatial marvel in itself. But perhaps the masterstroke is the elliptical floating stair that rises within this form. This stair, threading through the three levels, not only introduces natural light deep into the home but also establishes a visual connection between the recreational lower level and the villa’s upper floors.

The main living space, with its nearly 8 meters-high vaulted ceiling, bestows upon the villa a sacrosanct quality. Each room, whether it be the bedrooms, kitchen, gym, or theater, adheres to its own internal logic, yet all are intrinsically connected to this central stair and the encompassing open space.

The Cloud Villa's design excellence has been recognized and celebrated internationally. It was honoured with the coveted Best of Year Award by the prestigious Interior Design Magazine out of New York. Its design narrative has been featured in esteemed publications such as Architectural Record, Object Magazine, Elle Decor, and Vogue.

Lukasz Kos
Andrei Zerebecky
Song Xianjun
Danni Lu

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