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Beijing, China


Gilles Bihi-Zenou





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In the heart of Beijing's prestigious Lido Park, a space emerges that is not just a testament to culinary brilliance but also to the power of sustainable interior design and architectural solutions. CAFE 27, spanning a generous 190sm, stands as a beacon of sustainable design, a space that resonates with the ethos of the modern urbanite dweller, seeking a harmonious blend of aesthetics and healthy living.

The challenge presented was multifaceted. An existing glass greenhouse beckoned transformation, a space that would not only offer a culinary experience but also a retreat, a haven that would seamlessly connect with the Lido Park promenade. The vision was clear: an inside-out garden pavilion, where the elements of a traditional garden would be encapsulated within a passively climate-controlled greenhouse.

The architectural narrative of CAFE 27 is one of intention, detail, and a deep understanding of cafe design. Every design choice, every material selection, and every architectural solution was rooted in a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. The prominent green-wall, with its verdant aesthetic, serves as a visual respite in the heart of the city, purifying Beijing's notoriously polluted air. The ceramic tile bar, with its grandeur, anchors the space, while the terrazzo flooring adds a touch of timelessness, ensuring the cafe remains a sanctuary, warm in the winter and cool during the scorching Beijing summers.

Yet, the brilliance of CAFE 27 lies not just in its interior design but also in its architectural solutions. The exterior wood trellis, with its dual role of shading the glass structure and offering a clear architectural statement, is a masterclass in sustainable design. The pivoting doors, connecting the cafe to the garden beyond, blur the boundaries between architecture and nature, offering patrons an experience that is both immersive and expansive.

CAFE 27 is more than an award-winning cafe; it's a celebration of sustainable design, a space that has been recognized and featured in esteemed publications, from the Mercedes Benz City Guide to Architectural Digest. Its commitment to sustainable design and innovation has not only earned it a place in the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in London but also the coveted A&D Trophy in Hong Kong.

In essence, CAFE 27 is a symphony of sustainable interior design and architectural solutions, a space that honours its commitment to the environment while offering a culinary experience that is second to none.

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