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Lake Muskoka, Canada







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“The trees still sway, the wind, daylight, darkness and moonlight pass through the openings as through so many inner branches. Anyone taking shelter in its floors will certainly feel the rustle and rush of breeze. It’s enough to inspire nostalgia for a childlike appreciation of things.”
-Phyllis Richardson, XS Extreme, Thames & Hudson, London

Nestled amidst the verdant embrace of Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, the 4Treehouse emerges as a beacon of architectural brilliance and interior design finesse. Suspended gracefully amidst the dense fir trees, this ethereal structure evokes the serenity and elegance of a Japanese lantern, casting a gentle glow that illuminates the forest's depths.

The allure of treehouses lies in their ability to transport us back to simpler times, to moments of childlike wonder and escapism. They offer platforms into nature, allowing us to immerse ourselves in its tranquillity. The 4Treehouse, envisioned by architect Lukasz Kos, is not merely a structure; it's a symphony of architectural solutions and interior design, harmoniously intertwined with nature.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless aesthetics of Japanese lanterns, the design of the 4Treehouse is a testament to the potential of architecture to coexist and flourish with the natural environment. Rather than merely spanning the space between trees, this masterpiece encircles the base of four robust firs, becoming an extension of its surroundings.

This venture was more than an architectural endeavour. It was a journey, a meticulous exploration of how to ensure minimal impact on the trees while preserving the site's pristine beauty. The trees were not mere passive elements; they were active collaborators, guiding the footprint of the structure, ensuring a seamless blend of nature and design.

The rich architectural legacy of Muskoka served as a foundation. Employing the traditional Muskoka balloon-frame structure, Kos innovatively suspended it from the four trees. This design, while seemingly simple, required the combined expertise of arborists and builders. It was a dance between tradition and innovation, between the known and the unexplored.

Preserving the vitality of the forest was paramount. The design had to ensure the uninterrupted growth of the trees. Through pioneering engineering methods, the conventional Muskoka frame was integrated, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with its natural counterparts. The result is a 410 square foot lattice-frame treehouse, supported by just one high-strength steel cable per tree. This ingenious approach ensures minimal impact, allowing the trees to thrive and grow.

The lattice-like skin of the treehouse is a marvel of interior design. During the day, it filters sunlight, casting intricate patterns within the interior spaces. By night, the treehouse transforms, taking on a cocoon-like quality, its lit skin turning the structure into a lantern suspended amidst the forest, a beacon of light and design.

In essence, the 4Treehouse is not just a dwelling amidst the trees. It's a celebration of architectural solutions and interior design, a testament to the delicate balance between human ingenuity and nature's splendour. It stands as a reminder of the possibilities that arise when we collaborate with nature, crafting spaces that resonate with beauty, serenity, and innovation.

Lukasz Kos
Wayne Judges
Tom Montgomery

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