Eric Oswald Chan 


100m2 Furniture Shopfront  


Shanghai, China


Complete 2011


The Studio Box furniture showroom sought to distinguish itself from this chaotic jumble of the surrounding architectural clichés to create a moment of clarity. Instead of competing with the surrounding context, the approach was to change the game all together. 

All elements of style and materiality were stripped; an ambiguous white form neutralizes any relationship to its context. This new autonomous figure denies any immediate reading of its function other than a large glass opening, providing views into the furniture gallery inside. At the same time the object reaches out to its context with a large protruding mouth allowing passers-by an opportunity to rest while viewing the merchandise inside; a piece of urban furniture in and of itself.


Lukasz Kos

KOS Architects Inc.

110 Adelaide St. E, 4th Floor
M5C 1K9 Toronto, Canada 

Lukasz Kos Architekci

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