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Our approach to residential architecture transcends mere aesthetics – we are devoted to an ethos of sustainable luxury focused on occupant well-being. Our designs are a harmonious blend of beautiful spaces and healthy living.


We prioritize low VOC, organic materials, and are pioneers in adopting innovative prefabricated bio based wall systems widely adopted in Scandinavia.


Stay tuned for our upcoming residential projects across Canada which are set to epitomize this ethos. Discover how we're redefining luxury with a conscience.







Raised in the Canadian prairies, with roots in Winnipeg and Calgary, Lukasz Kos embarked on an international journey in 2001, extending his architectural footprint to five major cities across three continents: Toronto, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Warsaw, and London. Twenty-three years later, in 2024, Lukasz returned to Calgary, reestablishing it as his home base, enriched by a wealth of global experience, expertise, and recognition.


Lukasz's dedication to the practice of architecture has garnered prestigious accolades, including the coveted Best of Year Award from Interior Design Magazine in New York. His projects have been featured in esteemed design publications such as Taschen, Lawrence King, and Thames & Hudson. A testament to his reach and appeal is having his work included in Giorgio Armani 's Acqua Di Gioia ad campaign and the Mercedes Benz City Guide.

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